CIA funds project to revive Dodo bird

The biotech company Colossal wants to bring back to life three extinct species of animals: the mammoth, the marsupial wolf and the Dodo bird.

The Dallas, Texas-based startup claims that reintroducing these animals into ecosystems will benefit the environment.

Dodo, which grew to a height of 90 cm and weighed 22 kilograms, became extinct about 350 years ago. The bird lived only on the island of Mauritius and was wiped out fairly quickly after Dutch settlers brought predators into its habitat. The animal was unable to fight off the rats, dogs and pigs that were spread across the island. The dodo was flightless and laid its eggs on the ground. It didn’t help that it only laid one egg a year.

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The bird will be brought back to life with the help of its closest living relative, the nicobar pigeon.

The Nicobar Dove. (Photo: Pixabay)

A myth has been spread that the Dodo bird also became extinct because it had a very low level of intelligence. But according to experts, this is not true.

In this project, Colossal has an unusual partner. The CIA is partially funding the project through an agency-owned investment firm.

We don’t know why the intelligence service is interested in this technology, but considering the agency’s controversial past, nothing surprises us. Among other things, the CIA has produced pornographic films to discredit its enemies, inserted listening devices into live cats, tried to kill Fidel Castro using an explosive shell, or experimented with human mind control.

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