China shows willingness to play “constructive role” to end Ukraine war

File - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

File – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi – -/YNA/dpa – File

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Beijing says that “solving complicated problems requires calm and rationality, instead of fanning the flames”

Beijing stresses that the situation in Ukraine is not comparable to that in Taiwan


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday that Beijing is willing to play “a constructive role” in promoting an agreement to end the war in Ukraine and has called on the international community to “promote ” talks between Kiev and Moscow.

Wang has stressed that the Chinese authorities have worked to “promote talks” and “has been in close contact” with both countries, while stressing that so far there have been two rounds of talks and has expressed his hope that in the next “further progress”.

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Thus, it has shown its willingness to work with the international community to carry out mediation efforts and has stated that “solving complicated problems requires calm and rationality, instead of fanning the flames and intensifying conflicts,” according to the Chinese agency. of Xinhua news.

For this reason, he has advocated respecting the principles of the United Nations Charter, respecting the territorial sovereignty of countries, addressing the security concerns of the parties and focusing on the long-term stability of the region through a European mechanism of “effective and sustainable” security.

The Chinese Foreign Minister has also said that the delivery of humanitarian aid must respect the principles of neutrality and has asked to give attention to the displaced, as well as to protect the refugees. Along these lines, he has asked that humanitarian tasks not be impeded, that the protection of foreigners in Ukraine be guaranteed and that the UN be supported in its humanitarian work.

On the other hand, Wang has stressed that the conflict in Ukraine cannot be compared with the tensions between Taiwan and China, since they consider the small neighboring island “an inseparable part” of the territory administered by Beijing.

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“It should be clear that Taiwan’s situation is totally different from Ukraine’s and therefore there is no comparison between the two. The clearest difference is that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China’s territory, so it is China’s internal affair.” , while Ukraine is a dispute between two countries,” Minister Wang wanted to clarify.

In this sense, he has criticized the “obvious double standard” that the international community has shown, by “emphasizing the principle of sovereignty” with regard to the crisis in Ukraine, while at the same time “undermining the territorial and sovereign integrity” of China with its recognition of Taiwan.

Wang has questioned that some parties, such as the United States, are supporting Taiwan’s independence, warning that this could plunge the island into a “dangerous situation” and bring “unbearable consequences” for those who promote this type of action. .

“The future of Taiwan passes through the peaceful development of relations,” Wang insisted, who hopes that the island will return “to the embrace of the motherland.”

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