China has created a mini EV battle tank –

It’s time for electric vehicle traffic to get its claws well into the military-industrial complex. If you are looking for a battle tank that runs solely on electric power, we have just the announcement for you, because China seems to be sacrificing exactly that.

Admittedly, this is not a multi-ton monster built for real combat, but more of a silly and niche miniature vehicle that seats two people, has very little armor, is powered by two 3 kW engines (one for each track) and has no fully functioning main gun – instead it’s just a painted piece of PVC pipe.

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According to Electrek, the mini EV tank is said to have a top speed of 18 mph and can supposedly climb slopes up to 40 degrees, and the best part is that you can actually buy one of these vehicles, assuming you have $3,000 lying around.

Would you buy a mini EV battle tank?

China has created a mini EV battle tank

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