China defends strict COVID-19 policy ahead of Communist Party Congress

The Chinese government on Saturday defended its strict policy of restrictions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, on the eve of the start of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, which will elect the current president of the Asian giant, Xi Jinping, for a third consecutive term.

China enforces a ‘zero-case’ policy, under which it adopts tight restrictions on mobility and even confinements at the slightest suspicion that a coronavirus outbreak may get out of control.

Despite the fact that this doctrine is already an exception worldwide, a spokesman for the official party, Sun Yeli, has stated that it is precisely this strict vigilance that has kept the pandemic under control and stabilized the economic outlook.

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In this regard, he has stated that China is a very populous and aging country. “All options have been studied, and the response measures are the best in terms of cost-effectiveness and have worked for our country,” Sun said.

Nearly 2,300 delegates will meet starting this Sunday for a congress that is held every five years and will conclude on October 22. Surveillance measures aimed at preventing outbreaks of COVID-19 will also be implemented at this event.

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