Chairman of Russia’s largest private oil company dies after falling from a Moscow hospital window

Sep. 1 () –

Ravil Maganov, chairman of the board of directors of Russia’s largest private oil company Lukoil, died Thursday after falling from a Moscow hospital window, a source told Interfax news agency.

Maganov, 67, fell from a window of the Central Clinical Hospital, known as the ‘Kremlin Clinic’ because it is the place of choice for Russia’s political and business elite, The Moscow Times says.

This is the second senior executive of this oil company to die in strange circumstances in recent months, after Alexander Subbotin suffered in early May a cardiac arrest provoked after an alleged session with a shaman.

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Lukoil, Russia’s second largest oil company, was one of the few to openly call for an end to the war in Ukraine. “We advocate the immediate cessation of the armed conflict and duly support its resolution through the negotiation process and by diplomatic means,” the company said in a statement.

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