Chainlink CCIP deployed on Coinbase layer2

The interoperability protocol from Chainlink is now available on Base. CCIP allows developers to design cross-chain applications.

Already offered on several networks, including Ethereum and Polygon, the protocol CCIP from Chainlink is now also online at Basethe Layer 2 solution from American giant Coinbase.

Developers have access to the leading interoperability protocol to easily create cross-chain applications and services,” proclaimed Johann Eid, Chainlink Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer, in a press release.

With CCIPIn this way, developers can offer DApps capable of sending messages or transferring assets between different networks.

Chainlink’s ambition is to make CCIP the TCP/IP of blockchain networks, i.e. a standard enabling exchanges between different infrastructures, both public and private.

We are delighted to launch CCIP on Base to enable developers to securely create cross-chain applications, giving them the opportunity to experiment further and unlock new use cases,” said Jesse Pollak, creator of Base.

Yesterday, Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink Labs, indicated on X that CCIP was the only infrastructure offering “the 5th level of inter-chain security”, thanks in particular to the 1,000 Oracle networks created by Chainlink.

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CCIP is also used by several major financial institutions in experiments with the well-known Swift interbank network.

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