Theft of BTC and ETH following the hack of KuCoin’s Twitter account

The Twitter account from KuCoin has been hacked for 45 minutes. The hackers managed to steal about 20,000 dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The crypto exchange announces refund the victims.

Early this Monday morning, KuCoin announced that pirates had taken control of his Twitter account and published messages aimed at stealing cryptocurrencies from its subscribers.

The handle @kucoincom was compromised for approximately 45 minutes starting at 00:00 on April 24 (UTC+2). False activity was posted and unfortunately resulted in asset losses for several users,” Kucoin wrote, adding to make full refunds for all “verified” asset losses caused by this attack.

Wanting to reassure, the Seychelles exchange has further clarified that only the Twitter account from KuCoin had been affected. Kucoin identified 22 ETH and BTC transactions associated with the hackers, with a total value of $22,628.

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“In addition to Twitter’s existing 2FA, the KuCoin team will implement additional security measures to strengthen the protection of our social media accounts,” the company concluded.

Valued at $10 billion in its latest funding round, Kucoin is now facing lawsuits in the United States.

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