Car racing scene from “The Batman” explained: What does it have to do with Alfred Hitchcock?

At the moment, “The Batman” is one of the most watched movies in cinemas around the world. In fact, this was easy to anticipate, as the producers promised that the new production would be different from what we have seen so far when it comes to the famous DC franchise.

The movie “The Batman” debuted in theaters on March 4, and since then has been seen by millions of moviegoers in many countries around the globe. We remind you that the film runs in almost all functional cinemas in Romania as well.

When it was first announced, it was speculated that the new “Batman” would be somewhat similar to the “Joker” in terms of execution, but also the vibe with which you you could stay as soon as you finished watching. The equation was also completed by the cast of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / The Batman, which strengthened the belief that the story could move away, to some extent, from DC-specific classicism.

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The car race between Batman and The Penguin, explained by director Matt Reeves

Halfway through the movie, we witness a real car race between Batman and The Penguin. As we would have expected, it’s a lot of adrenaline, impressive scenes, car stunts and a final image that has all the chances to become the source of many memes on social networks.

That scene shows Batman getting out of his burning Batmobile, as he approaches the overturned car in which The Penguin is, which the main hero chases in the opposite direction for about 10 minutes in the movie. The picture is presented to us from the perspective of The Penguin.

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Those who were able to see the film were perhaps impressed by this scene. So director Matt Reeves explained that, in reality, he was inspired by the horror master, Alfred Hotchcock, when he thought of this moment.

The scene can be watched below:

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