Can Ruti investigates relationship between covid and menstrual cycle

The Hospital Trias and Pujol Brothers is promoting a study to try to determine whether there is a relationship between the persistent covid and the appearance of alterations in the menstrual cycle of women. The study will consist of comparing for two years the symptomatology of patients with persistent covid who report these alterations with other women with similar profiles and who do not suffer from the disease.

“We want to determine whether there really is gynecologic symptomatology in the context of persistent covid or whether it is coincidental,” says the clinical director of gynecology and obstetrics of the ICS in the northern metropolitan region, Sergio Martinez. From Can Ruti they claim the elimination of the gender bias in emerging disease research.

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Dr. Martinez admits that they are often not taken into account in the study of emerging diseases. symptoms that can appear only in women and not in men, or vice versa. This study, he argues, is proof of Can Ruti’s commitment to eradicate these differences in the field of clinical research.

Likewise, the collective of people affected by persistent covid stresses the importance of being able to describe alterations in the sexual and reproductive health of women linked to the disease and open the door to the creation of specific protocols care protocols. The project, called ‘Artemis‘, is led by the Dr. Júlia Mitjans from Can Ruti Hospital.

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