Burger King launches ‘the real cheeseburger’ -.

Burger King Thailand has introduced a new burger that is attracting attention because it contains no meat, vegetables or sauce and has only 20 slices of American cheese stacked on top of each other.

It is touted as the “real cheeseburger,” and I suppose it fits that name, since there is literally nothing but cheese on this burger. It looks like one of those joke orders you see at McDonald’s where someone takes everything off their order.

One person who tried the burger told CNN that it was “a little too much” was. “I could only finish half of it,” said the 25-year-old IT engineer Im Jeepetch. “This is an insane amount of cheese added to one burger. Food is good when it goes the right way.”

Maybe 20 slices of cheese is just too much, or maybe those who have tried it are too weak at heart. What do you think, would you give the all-cheese burger a try?

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Burger King launches 'the real cheeseburger'

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