Build your own train network in Station to Station – That’s Gaming

PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove today announced Station to Station, a brand new minimalist, voxel-art railroad construction simulator, which will be heading to Steam later this year.

In Station to Station, players must transform a small rural world into a vibrant, lush environment full of life and color by placing stations and creating connections to promote growth and expansion. Grab your conductor’s hat and watch the beautiful tilt-shift inspired voxel-art world come to life in the all-new announcement trailer:

Aspiring conductors jump aboard and steam through a variety of colorful biomes, breathing new life into dry desert sands and transforming untamed mountain terrain. As the tracks are laid, a peaceful world comes to life with an ever-expanding tapestry of flora and fauna!

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For those looking to test their management and planning skills, each of the game levels offer their own optional challenges, stacking bonuses and unique mechanics associated with each biome. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or mental stimulation, Station to Station has something for everyone!

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