British gentleman finds new Dominos cookie ‘disgusting’ -.

Cadbury’s and Dominos have teamed up for what may be one of the fastest ways to speed up a heart attack since KFC launched the sandwich that used fried chicken for its sandwiches. The new Dominos cookie has a whole Cadbury’s Creme Egg in it, which doesn’t even sound that fancy.
Someone absolutely baffled by this is the former British health minister, Conservative Lord Bethell. “This is disgusting,” he tweeted. “These are serious business food companies. What are they thinking? The executive team, board of directors and shareholders should be ashamed of themselves.”

Bethell went on to say that while this cookie may not be illegal, it could be harmful. The fear is that it will make kids fat, because that’s about the only thing you can really argue when it comes to trying to shut down fatty foods.

But looking deeper into cookies, it seems they may not be as bad as they seem. Dominos told Sky News the following: “These special edition cookies bring together two beloved, iconic brands and are designed as a delicious Easter treat that can be shared. At just over 370 calories per cookie, they are in line with the contents of many other treats available on the high street, such as frappes and croissants.”

The likely problem is that even if these cookies are just under 400 calories, people may not be able to have that one. We are all guilty of occasionally mocking a whole pack of cookies.

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What do you think of the Creme Egg cookie?

British gentleman finds new Dominos cookie 'disgusting'

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