Borrell advocates supporting Ukraine “with full intensity” after talking about “annihilation” of Russian Army

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The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has assured this Friday that the support given by the EU to Ukraine will be manifested “with all the necessary intensity”, after he stated in a speech to students of the European Diplomatic School that the West would respond to a hypothetical nuclear attack in Ukraine by “annihilating” the Russian Army.

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“It is clear that the military response and the support we provide to Ukraine will be manifested with all the necessary intensity at all times,” the head of European diplomacy argued, when asked at a press conference about his statements, the first in which a senior European official spoke specifically about the reaction to a Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine.

“A nuclear attack will have a response. Not a nuclear response, but a military response so powerful that the Russian army would be annihilated,” Borrell assured at a conference at the European Diplomatic Academy in Bruges.

In any case, the High Representative has avoided delving into the issue as he was next to the Peruvian Foreign Minister, César Landa, with whom he has signed two cooperation agreements to strengthen relations in different areas, including Security and Defense.

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Borrell’s words were not replicated Thursday by NATO, whose allied secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, remained much more cautious to insist that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine would be “crossing an important line” that “would have serious consequences for Russia.”

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