Boric stars in his first Military Parade of the Chilean Armed Forces with some whistles and boos

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has led this Monday his first Grand Military Parade in Honor of the Glories of the Chilean Army, the traditional parade that every September 19 pays tribute to the Chilean Armed Forces, this year marked by some whistles and boos.

“Expressions of opinion are always legitimate, and I myself have been part of demonstrations many times in my life,” Boric has responded after the expressions of rejection during the parade, as reported by the Chilean press.

“I have no problem with those who do not agree with us expressing their opinion. I ask you not to disrespect the institutions of the homeland, all those who have made an impeccable Military Parade that has been at the height of the history of Chile”, he added.

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The Chilean president has also stressed that the appreciation “ever greater” to “these republican acts that make us part of the same society.” “That must be valued, highlighted and cared for,” he said.

More than 8,200 troops from the branches of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Carabineros and Investigative Police participated in the parade.

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