Bolsonaro, speaking of a drop in femicides: “Good news for women are kisses and gifts”.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has said, while commenting on a drop in the number of femicides in the country, that rather “good news” for women are “kisses, roses, gifts and vacations”.

“Good news for women, right? Although good news is kisses, roses, gifts, vacations. Is that right? Is that what you like? I like it too,” Bolsonaro said during his intervention every Thursday to comment on the achievements of his government through his profiles on social networks.

These macho comments come a few days after he was heavily criticized for one of his answers to Brazilian journalist Vera Magalhães during last Sunday’s electoral debate. “I think you go to bed thinking about me. You’re kind of in love with me,” he responded when questioned about whether his statements against the coronavirus vaccine discouraged immunization.

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Shortly after that intervention in his networks, he has assured in an interview to RedeTV, that it is false that “narrative” that ensures that he does not respect women. “I treat them with affection and consideration,” he defended himself.

Although Bolsonaro has made an effort in recent days to minimize that rude altercation against Magalhães, his own allies have called it a serious mistake during the debate, in which he began very strongly reminding the main favorite, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of the cases of corruption during his mandate.

Bolsonaro, second in the polls, has found in the female vote his main stumbling block to try to get closer to Lula. From the outset, polls have shown that the far-right leader is not the favorite among women, who make up half of the electorate in Brazil, when they turn out to vote, only 29 percent would place their trust in him.

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