Bolsonaro beats Lula in donations in the second round of the presidential election

The candidate for re-election as president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has raised 24 million reais (4.6 million euros) in donations since the campaign for the second round of the elections began, while Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has raised 285,000 reais (about 55,000 euros).

Bolsonaro thus confirms the trend of the campaign for the first round, in which he also managed to achieve more private donations than Lula, who was the most voted. Both candidates will face each other in the second round, scheduled for October 30.

Lula’s campaign has reported to the Superior Electoral Court a total of 126 million reais (24.3 million euros) of income in the two rounds of the campaign, mostly coming from the electoral fund, the main public source of financing electoral campaigns, according to the newspaper ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’.

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The donor with the largest contribution to Lula’s campaign is businessman and former leader of Lula’s Workers’ Party Altair Vilar, from Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, who contributed 600,000 reais.

In contrast, Bolsonaro has declared 67 million reais (21.9 million euros) in total in donations, of which only 16.5 million correspond to funds of public origin. Several donors have contributed almost R$1 million each, mostly from the agricultural industry.

The most prominent donor is lawyer Fabiano Campos Zettel, who has contributed R$3 million, contributed last Monday by wire transfer. Campos is pastor of the Bolade Nieve church, in Belo Horizonte.

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Also standing out among the donors is Cornelio Sanders with one million reais. He is a businessman dedicated to the production of soybeans, millet, cotton and eucalyptus who in 2005 was convicted of having workers in semi-slavery.

Lula’s Workers’ Party is entitled to almost 500 million from the electoral fund for having been the most voted in the 2018 legislative elections, while Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party is entitled to 268 million reais for its 33 deputies obtained in 2018, when it was Party of the Republic.

Both campaigns can ask for donations for their candidate’s activities until October 30 itself, voting day, always with a ceiling of R$133 million.

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