Bo Burnham launches The Inside Outtakes, the natural sequel to Inside, on Netflix: where you can see it

Bo Burnham yesterday dropped a special edition of the unreleased material from his 2021 satirical comedy Netflix, Inside, to mark the project’s one-year anniversary, which he called The Inside Outtakes.

“Today marks one year,” Bo Burnham wrote on Instagram, continuing with “I released a special clip called Inside. I spent the last two months editing all the material that I later shortened for a special show, but I didn’t use it. It will be on my YouTube channel and will last an hour. I hope you like it, “said the comedian.

Bo Burnham announced the material on Instagram yesterday, and today he published it in full on YouTube

Inside was a very special project that Bo Burnham filmed on his own “without a team or audience” during a year that was badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He worked on this material from March 2020 to May 2021.

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If you haven’t seen the production that can easily be categorized as a social commentary, sprinkled with a lot of satire, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to do it, since it’s available (still) on Netflix. In other words, you’d better hurry, since the streamer’s recent decisions have been shocking, and it’s not known when it might be decided to remove Inside from the schedule. Of course, this is a pure assumption, but a well-founded one, given the recent history of Netflix.

The footage he posted on YouTube today was released between April 2022 and May 2022, so the material is as “warm” as possible.

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Bo Burnham has so far won no more and no less than three Emmy Awards for his comedy work.

You can watch The Inside Outtakes in full by clicking here.

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