Blockchain ID expert Intuition raises $4M from Polygon and Superscrypt

Intuition develops decentralized identifiers (DID) linked to all kinds of things. The blockchain infrastructure provider has just raised 4 million from Polygon, ConsenSys, Superscrypt and others.

Founded in 2022 in Puerto Rico, Intuition wants to offer a “robust decentralized identity” that relates to everything from a human to a product to a company or even a news article.

Almost anything can and should have decentralized identifiers (DIDs),” proclaims William Luedtke, the protocol’s creator and CEO of Intuition.

Today, decentralized identifiers are mainly used for processes involving sensitive information, such as KYC.

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To carry out his mission, Intuition has received the backing of several major investors in the crypto ecosystem such as Shima Capital, Matrixport Venturesthe VC arm of Polygon, and ETH studio ConsenSys – which had already invested in the start-up – through a new venture. 4 million financing round announced Thursday.

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“As a protocol, Intuition doesn’t take into account whether something is true or false, but instead captures and shows what people are saying about something,” reads a statement. “By allowing people to freely share their opinions on any topic, and verifiably attaching this data to DID in an open knowledge graph, Luedtke hopes to improve reputation and identity data that we have social access to about the things we interact with every day,” says the startup.

Our digital identities are the foundation of a thriving data-driven economy and society. However, the vast reservoir of digital knowledge on the Internet still exists in a disparate and incomplete state. For a future free of these fractured conditions, we need a purpose-built infrastructure that promotes the creation of and seamless access to consolidated, trusted and permissionless information,” commented Alex Lin of Shima Capital.

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