Bison are being introduced to the United Kingdom to try to increase biodiversity -.

A new project is bringing the European bison to the United Kingdom in hopes that the meaty bovine can help increase biodiversity in the country.

In a nature reserve in Kent, England, European bison have been introduced to ancient woodlands and allowed to do what they want with them. The idea is that bison can change an environment to allow more flora and fauna to thrive.

Stan Smith, of Kent Wildlife Trust, believes that “Bison ecology is very different. Bison are the largest living land mammal in Europe; they can do things that more domesticated livestock can’t.”

Since bison were not introduced until 2022, we are still waiting for them to fully flourish, but it is certainly an interesting idea and would at least diversify the wildlife we see in Britain.

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Bison to be introduced in UK to try to increase biodiversity

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