Binance welcomes crypto gaming platform Portal to its Launchpool

Binance will open a Launchpool for the native token PORTAL of the platform from blockchain games of the same name.

This Wednesday morning, Binance unveiled its 47th Launchpool with gaming platform web3 Portal. Exchange customers will be able to stake BNB and FDUSD to farmer PORTAL, the project’s native crypto, from Thursday at 1 a.m. CET.

PORTAL’s total offering is 1 billion tokens, while the initial offering will be 167 million units. 5% of the total offering, or 50 million PORTALs, will be distributed through the cryptocurrency trading giant’s Launchpool.

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Portal is presented as a cross-chain gaming platform aimed at integrating more players into Web3. The project has raised capital from several business angels, including Michael Bouhanna, the co-head of digital art for auction house Sotheby’s, according to data provided by Crunchbase.

A week later, Binance will list PORTAL on its service with several trading pairs and the seedtag.

Earlier this month, the crypto exchange launched a Launchpool for another blockchain gaming project with Pixels.

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