Binance charity plans to offer more than 30,000 Web3 scholarships in 2023

Crypto-currency exchange Binance is gearing up to offer greater educational opportunities in the rapidly emerging Web 3 space. According to the latest developments, Binance Charity will fund more than 30,000 Web3 scholarships through the Binance Scholar Program.

The Binance Charity Scholar Program (BCSP) will also offer Web3 courses that allow students to further their education without having to overcome unnecessary financial barriers. On their blog last week, Binance Charity explained:

“We recognize that digital education and skills development can be out of reach for many, resulting in a blockchain industry that lacks diversity and talent. The Binance Scholar program changes all that, covering tuition and fees at some of the world’s best universities, colleges, and professional training providers.”

The blog post also adds that nearly 82,000 students have expressed interest in being part of the next BCSP cohort. Binance’s educational partners include leading institutions such as the University of Western Australia, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, and the Nigeria-based Utiva technology hub. In addition, the tuition-free training center Simplon in France has also expressed interest in hosting some of BCSP’s events.

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The response to our Web3 educational projects has been unprecedented, showing the keen interest of so many people in blockchain, De-Fi and information technology.” according to Helen Hai, head of the Binance Charitable Foundation, who also said, “The response to our Web3 educational projects has been unprecedented, showing the strong desire of a large number of people to learn more about blockchain, NFTs, coding and more.

The Binance Charity Scholar Program

The BCSP is a platform for interested individuals to access needed skills. In addition to offering support for course fees, the program also includes the provision of work opportunities for individuals who wish to gain experience.

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In implementing BSP, Binance has distributed nearly $2.2 million in BUSD to leading educational institutions in several countries. Last year, Binance Charity partnered with the Nigeria-based Utiva School of Technology and funded it with Web3 training for 50,000 students.

In addition, BCSP has also formed a collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. This is to help all Ukrainians who have lost their jobs due to the war with Russia.

In addition, Binance Charity has also received support from the partnership of Binance Academy, Binance’s non-profit blockchain education portal. Helen Hai also added, “We are seeing interest from a wide range of people, including a large number of women“. […] With so many other educational initiatives with incredible partners in the pipeline, we’ve never been more excited to build a more inclusive Web3 world“.

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