Biden to announce food aid plan for the Middle East and North Africa estimated at 1 billion euros

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will announce this Saturday, during the summit of leaders of the Gulf countries to which he plans to attend, a food aid plan for the Middle East and North Africa valued at 1,000 million euros, according to U.S. government sources confirmed to Bloomberg.

At this meeting the leaders of the six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council will commit another 3 billion euros over the next two years under the so-called Global Infrastructure and Investment Initiative.

Biden is in Saudi Arabia, on his second day of a visit to the kingdom and part of his tour of the region. His bilateral meeting with Saudi leaders has so far resulted in several agreements, including a commitment to take steps to extend the UN-mediated truce in Yemen.

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“We agreed to work together to deepen and extend the ceasefire in Yemen,” he announced, before stressing that the truce has now reached more than three months, making it “the most peaceful period in Yemen in seven years.”

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