Audi is facing production difficulties: how it affects you

Supply outages led to the suspension of the A4, A5 and A8 models at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm.

Audi is discontinuing production of key models at one of its German factories due to supply chain problems.

Production of the A4, A5 and A8 cars in Neckarsulm will be suspended from May 16-20, Audi said.

The break is the result of the war in Ukraine, due to the ongoing shortage of semiconductors and blockages caused by COVID-19 in China, the carmaker said.

The supply situation “remains volatile, and short-term changes are always possible,” said an Audi spokesman.

Audi is not having a good time

The A6 / A7 family of models will continue to be manufactured in Neckarsulm, as usual. This also applies to the R8 and E-Tron GT sports cars, which are being built at the Boellinger Hoefe site in Heilbronn, according to the spokesman.

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However, Audi ended up in an even more unpleasant situation. Hildegard Wortmann, the brand’s sales director, told the General Meeting of Shareholders that one of the brand’s models is delivering the car after 18 months. This is the electric model Q4 e-tron, which, if you order it today, you will receive in November 2023. It is the longest delivery period of a car in the VW group, at the moment, although Q4 e-tron is produced in the same plant in Zwickau where other electrical models of the group are produced.

Audi reported sales of 390,826 cars in the first quarter of this year, about 75,000 fewer than a year ago. However, deliveries of electric cars increased by 66%, reaching 24,236 cars, 10,000 more than in 2021, in a similar period.

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Audi has also extended a short working time for employees in Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt until 31 May due to supply chain difficulties.

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