Attacker’s fingerprints found on gun used to attack Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

The report on DNA traces on the 32 caliber Bersa gun used by Fernando Sabag Montiel to attack Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has determined that the accused of the assassination attempt did indeed use the weapon.

The Argentine justice has received this Monday the expert results that have found the fingerprints of the accused on the weapon, dispelling the doubts that the seized weapon was not the one seen in the videos in the hands of the attacker, as reported by the agency Télam, citing sources of the investigation.

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Traces of genetic material have been found on the trigger, the magazine and the grip, ratifying that it was Sabag Montiel who wielded the weapon.

The information has been added to other elements that have been incorporated during this Monday to the investigation, which remains under summary secrecy, while waiting for the federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo to take the statement of Brenda “Ámbar” Uliarte, the aggressor’s girlfriend, according to the above-mentioned agency.

Meanwhile, judicial sources are looking for alternatives to try to recover the information from Sabag Montiel’s phone, which was reset while it was at the disposal of Capuchetti’s court.

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Sabag Montiel, the 35-year-old Brazilian who tried to kill Fernandez de Kirchner triggered his gun twice, although the shot never went off. This was because, although he had a magazine with bullets, there were none in the chamber, ‘Clarín’ has detailed.

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