At least one dead and hundreds injured during soccer match in Argentina

The Security Minister of the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni, has confirmed on Thursday the death of a man due to cardiac arrest, as well as a hundred injured, following incidents that have taken place during a soccer match between Boca Juniors and Gimnasia clubs.

The dead person, a Gimnasia supporter, lost his life during attempts by the Buenos Aires Police to repel thousands of people trying to enter the stadium when the access gates had already been closed, according to Télam agency.

Berni has remarked that the “responsibility for what happened” is all on the club organizing the show, while the head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports (Aprevide), Eduardo Aparicio, has pointed out responsibilities in “the police action” because there were 10,000 people outside the stadium “when the gates had already been closed”.

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The police officers tried to contain the crowd with the help of tear gas, which then invaded the pitch and affected the fans already in the stands, including the players themselves.

A probable over-sale of tickets would have provoked these events when many gymnasistas fans and members, with their tickets in hand, as Télam has been able to verify, tried to enter the stadium when its facilities were already full.

The match between Boca and Gimnasia has been suspended and so far no new date for the match has been announced.

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