Aston Martin shows off the new Vantage –

Aston Martin recently announced that it would present the next iteration of the Vantage sports car at the same event where it unveiled its next Formula One race car. That was this morning, which means we now know what the future holds for the Vantage model.

Aston Martin states that the new Vantage ” designed for real racing drivers ” and that it is a “unadulterated celebration of pure performance, technically made to deliver maximum thrills with maximum confidence.”

The new Vantage has a maximum top speed of 202 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.4 seconds. It is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 twin turbo engine with an output of 665 hp / 800 Nm, while boasting a 50:50 weight distribution across the chassis. This new Vantage also brings a few new exterior changes, including new headlight designs and additional cooling intakes throughout the body, and it will debut in 21 unique colors with a variety of interior options to boot that accommodate the 10.25-inch touchscreen and multi-screen infotainment system.
Production of the new Vantage is scheduled for Q1 of 2024, with deliveries scheduled from Q2.

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This new Vantage was also unveiled alongside a new GT3 model of the car, as well as the AMR24, which will compete in F1 at the end of this month when the season begins.

Aston Martin shows off the new Vantage
Aston Martin

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