Are These 3 Gaming Gadgets Worth It? Toys featuring Link, Pac-Man and Cyberpunk

Would Hollywood beau Keanu Reeves look good too?  A pair of LED glasses with a cyberpunk look.

Would Hollywood beau Keanu Reeves look good too? A pair of LED glasses with a cyberpunk look.

Gaming fun, gaming fun, in my heart what are the funniest gaming-related tech gadgets I ask in the digital space – and the algorithm answers.

Below are some of the most superfluous, yet arguably most awesome, toys for the kid within the gamer.

Let’s embark on a curious kind of foray.

Game & Watch: Legend of Zelda

Was ist Game & Watch: Legend of Zelda? With the retro console you can play the absolute gaming classics of the Zelda series. The following gaming gems are pre-installed on the handheld:

  • The Legend of Zelda (1987)
  • The Adventure of Link (1988)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (1993)

According to, it takes around 34 hours in total to play through the three games. A special feature for purists: both The Legend of Zelda as well as The Adventure of Link can be played in the Western and Japanese versions. The two versions contain different music and sound effects.

What does the device look like? In terms of design, the handheld is reminiscent of Nintendo consoles from the 1980s – but comes with comparatively advanced technology. Because the built-in color display and the controls (i.e. the arrangement of the control pad and buttons) reminiscent of the later GameBoy speak a modern design language.

My opinion: As someone who, as a kid, prefers to be in StreetFighter II on the Supernintendo, or with Ellen Ripley in the SNES video game to the film Alien 3 Xenomorphen burned, every title in the Zelda series slipped between my fingers. The Game & Watch would be the ideal springboard for me to break through my personal gaming horizon.

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Pac-Man Ghost Light

Was ist Pac-Man Ghost Light? More light! should have been the last words of the poet prince Goethe. The man knew what he was talking about – because: Mancaves and gamer caves also need stylish lighting. A suitable part for this could be the officially licensed Pac-Man Ghost Light by Namco.

Some Fun Facts about Pac-Man Ghost-Light:

  • 16 different colors: The built-in LED lights have so much variety of colors
  • Features a color phase mode: In this one, perhaps the most famous ghost in gaming history cycles through all 16 available colors.
  • Has a party mode: In this, the lighting adapts to the rhythms of your favorite music.
  • Strom: Obtains the light via a regular USB cable. This is included in the scope of delivery. However, a USB power adapter is not included.

What does the device look like? The lamp looks just like the retro gaming enthusiast could wish for: as if the Pac-Man ghost from the original arcade game from the 1980s jumped out of the arcade and onto your desk at home. Incidentally, the decorative lamp has a height of almost 20 centimeters.

My opinion: After my LED and RGB-radiated gamer heart has already glowed at the sight of the stackable Tetris lamp, I also like the ghostly Pac-Man light. And in the price segment of 25 euros, the lamp is also fiscally justifiable in my opinion.

Cyberpunk LED glasses

What is cyberpunk LED glasses? The Cyberpunk LED glasses belong in the category of tech gadgets that increase the party fun factor, but the world definitely doesn’t need them.

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For all gaming fans of the controversial role-playing mammoth project Cyperpunk 2077or for all those who have long since inhaled the complete works of William Gibson and have watched every film adaptation by Philip K. Dicks blade runner shoved under the retinas, this futuristic nose bike might be worth it.

By the way: Anyone who finds party glasses with LED optics subtly ridiculous pushes the virtual reality on the bridge of their nose (see product information below).

Instead of AR: Experience VR now

What do the Cyberpunk LED glasses look like? This brightly colored speculation iron is offered for sale by different manufacturers with different functions. One of the most popular designs on Amazon is as Cyberpunk LED Glasses – Party Light Glasses Luminous Visor Glasses listed, is offered in five designs:

  • High Tech
  • honeycomb
  • stylish
  • Donner
  • High tech + honeycomb

In terms of luminosity and rhythm, the following modes were built into the glasses:

  • The LEDs can have 7 different colors: red, green, dark blue, yellow, light blue, purple and white.
  • Selects from 4 so-called flashing modes: Monochrome (single color), slow blink, fast blink and color gradient

My opinion: I don’t know how disciplined I would have to be with Jack Daniel’s Coke, alcopops and vodka bull boats before I reached into my wallet – and afterwards pulled a pair of cyberpunk LED glasses from the store shelf.

Call me old-fashioned, backward-looking, anachronistic, and no-fun, but I wear glasses for visual aids—not to bring the RGB inferno to the dancefloor. But that’s just my opinion.

What do you think of Game & Watch: Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man Ghost Light and Cyberpunk LED glasses? Are they tech-savvy accessories that enrich your dreary everyday life – or is it all junk that needs to be mothballed along with the old batteries and antenna cell phones? Write us about it in the comments!

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