Apple’s next stroke of genius? A smart ring could control your iPhone & Mac

Apple could emulate what the Oura Ring has been doing for a long time.

Apple could emulate what the Oura Ring has been doing for a long time.

The idea of ​​an Apple ring has been floating around the internet for a number of years. Patents and leaks are said to reveal again and again that a smart gadget for the finger is in the works at the tech giant in Cupertino.

Now it’s that time again: A new patent filed by Apple describes a rotating outer band, with which other devices could be controlled wirelessly at the finger. Patently Apple reported about it for the first time.

This means iPhone and Mac – the former can be controlled without having to pick up the cell phone, while the latter can be operated without a mouse, which is particularly useful for mobile MacBooks.

But the ring would also be able to connect to smartwatches, headphones, screens and tablets in the future, which could make buttons, remote controls and keyboards superfluous. And, of course, integration with VR glasses like the Apple Vision Pro also seems to be planned.

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In addition to the band that would be used to select various options, there is also a so-called jewel on the ring that serves as a control center with sensors for the ring. There are also contact points inside the ring that are used for selection.

Apple's patent for a smart ring.

Apple’s patent for a smart ring.

In the patent, Apple uses a ring to illustrate the gadget, but other pieces of jewelery such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets or anklets are also included in the patent.

How likely is it that the ring actually appears

A patent is of course not a finished product. Whether the ring as in the patent will ever appear is unclear. And it’s not the first time that Apple has filed a patent for such a product and then rejected the development.

So don’t get your hopes up too high for an Apple Ring to be released soon.

However, there is a broader development that at least gives hope that we will actually be able to buy Apple jewelry of this type in a few years. Because Apple isn’t the only tech giant working on a smart ring.

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Samsung also seems to have a similar gadget in the pipeline at the moment – and according to the rumor mill, it should see the light of day as early as 2024.

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And then, of course, there is the Oura Ring, which records health data and is featured on the cover of this article. Its first generation ring appeared in 2015 – the fourth generation is now in the works.

What do you all mean? Would you wear an Apple smart ring on your finger and use it to control all your devices? Are you already using the Oura Ring or a similar product? How is your experience with it? Or does smart jewelery like this not even come into your house because you prefer analogue alternatives? Tell us in the comments!

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