Apple will give the tablet three major upgrades next year

The big bang for Apple's iPad should come next year.

The big bang for Apple’s iPad should come next year.

The iPad Pro has been on the market since 2016 and receives a revised version at more or less regular intervals.

With the latest model, work was primarily done under the hood, because the tablet received the in-house M2 chip for more performance.

However, that wasn’t enough for Apple customers, because as the usually well-informed Mark Gurman reports in his PowerOn newsletter on Bloomberg, sales of the iPad Pro have been steadily declining for years.

No major upgrades are expected this year either, but the company is planning a fundamental overhaul of the tablets for 2024 – there are said to be three innovations.

iPad Pro 2024: OLED, M3 chip and better Magic Keyboard

As a result, Apple will continue to offer an 11-inch version of the iPad Pro, with the larger model growing slightly from 12.9 to 13 inches.

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Both versions are to be equipped with a new OLED panel – previously an LED panel was installed in the smaller iPad Pro and a mini-LED screen in the larger version.

The advantages are obvious: As Gurman writes, Apple expects one of these sharper, brighter and more true to color Media playback on iPad Pro.

After the M2 chip celebrated its debut in tablets last year, it is likely to be used for the upcoming iPad Pro in the current year.

In the meantime, Apple is already working on the successor to the system-on-a-chip: Apple is supposed to present the M3 chip to the public in 2023 when the company presents new Macs.

According to Gurman, this M3 processor could then be used in the 2024 models of the iPad Pro – corresponding models are already being tested and run under the internal version numbers J717, J718, J720 and J721.

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With a certain accessory, the iPad Pro should also receive a fresh cell treatment: We are talking about the Magic Keyboard, which made its debut in 2020 and is intended to optionally convert the tablet into a notebook replacement.

Specifically, the keyboard should have a larger trackpad. So far, this has been significantly smaller compared to all MacBook models.

With an enlarged trackpad, Apple wants to bring the iPad Pro even closer to the laptop series – maybe that will help to convince my colleague Patrick to use the iPad Pro as a work device:

Now it’s your turn: Which of the three upgrades do you think makes the most sense for the iPad Pro? Is there a feature that the tablets absolutely must have to convince you to buy it? Or is trying to switch from a laptop to a tablet doomed to fail in the first place? Let us know in the comments!

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