Apple tries to copyright apples –

We’ve seen it with Monster trying to copyright the word monster, and now Apple is trying to copyright apples. That’s right, not the image of an apple with a bite out of it, but the whole fruit and imagery of it.

Fruit Union Suiss, for example, was approached by Apple because the union had an image of an apple with the Swiss flag as its logo. Around the world, the tech giant has gone after companies and agencies with the fruit in their imagery, and it has had some success.

It’s not just apples Apple is after either, as in the past it went after a meal preparation app with a pear logo, a singer-songwriter named Frankie Pineapple, a German bike route, a pair of stationery makers and a school district.

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It is often assumed that smaller companies will be scared into compliance by giants like Apple, so we could soon see a mass exodus of fruit from other logos. What do you think about this? Should Apple be allowed to copyright apples?

Thanks, Wired.

Apple tries to copyright apples

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