Apple has released a short film filmed on the iPhone 13 Pro by the director of the movie Oldboy. VIDEO

Apple has been offering the best video recording quality on the market for many years, and with the iPhone 13 series, the company has brought some new technologies to further enhance these features. One would be the ability to shoot in ProRes format, which allows recording with minimal compression, can better handle the material when editing, and the other is cinematic mode, which adds the blur effect that separates the subject from the background. Using an iPhone 13 Pro and these advanced capabilities, South Korean director Park Chan-wook made a short film for Apple called “Life is But a Dream” as part of the Shot on iPhone campaign.

iPhone 13 Pro, good enough for short?

I’ve seen videos shot on smartphones in the past, and even a few short films from Apple for the Chinese New Year anniversary in the last few years. However, what Park Chan-wook manages to do in this short film is impressive, because there are not many instances where you can realize that everything was filmed on a smartphone.

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Of course, studio lights and other professional accessories were used to help capture the best possible video, but everything seems to have been filmed with standard phone lenses. The fact that the movie is presented in a Full HD resolution and not 4K, also helps to hide some visual elements that could reveal the fact that everything is filmed on the phone. Impressive is the fact that the “cinematic” shooting mode is used successfully in this production.


Of course, the fact that a professional film crew along with an experienced director (Park Chan-wook also directed the famous Korean film Oldboy) can capture material of very high quality material on a phone does not mean that anyone can make such a film without experience and only using a mobile phone. It helps a lot that the film is extremely captivating, being presented as a kind of Korean fairy tale.

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However, it is clear that technology has advanced far enough to put in our pockets devices that no longer have many limits in photo or video capture.

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