Apple has increased battery replacement prices on the iPhone 14 over previous generations

Apple has listed official prices for repairs to the iPhone 14 series, which will debut in stores on September 16. However, it appears that those who experience battery problems later, after the phone is out of warranty, will have to pay more than those with previous series models. Even though in terms of capacity, the battery on each iPhone 14 model is only slightly larger than on the iPhone 13, for example, prices have increased by over 40%.

The entire iPhone 14 series has more expensive batteries than previous series

Currently in the US, a battery replacement for the iPhone 13, 12, 11, and any model other than the SE costs $69 (the SE operation costs $49). So it’s strange to see the battery on the new Apple phones cost an extra $30, or $99 US, without seeing any significant improvement in that regard.

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Sure, Apple says the iPhone 14 Plus will have the best battery life on an iPhone yet, and the new Pro models with the always-on display will last as long as previous generations without the always-on display, but the capacity and the way it’s made doesn’t seem to have changed.

iphone 14 iphone 13 battery
photo: The Verge

There’s a chance Apple will raise prices in tune with inflation and higher production costs. There’s still a shortage of components and raw materials in the electronics market, and some materials may have become more expensive. Even car makers, even electric ones, have been raising prices lately.

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This problem of high costs will, however, arise in a year or two when the first devices come out of warranty. While there is a possibility that Apple will reduce prices over time if the market situation changes, such increases are usually permanent.

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