Apple could launch a foldable iPad tablet in 2024, Samsung says

Apple has stayed away from new industry trends like foldable devices, but that could change in 2024, when Samsung says it expects to see such a device from its rival. How would Samsung know that? Because the South Korean manufacturer is the leading supplier of foldable screens in the market and one of Apple’s most important partners for developing iPhone screens.

Apple’s first foldable device could be an iPad Mini

But it seems Samsung knows more even than business analysts and “professional” leakers, as the company already knows it’s not a foldable iPhone. Apparently in 2024, Apple could launch a foldable iPad. Past rumors have talked about an iPad Mini that can fold in half, offering the possibility of having a tablet permanently in your pocket. The concept doesn’t sound much different from what Samsung offers on its Galaxy Z Fold series.

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The difference, however, would be in the fact that Apple’s foldable device, with its approximately 9″ screen, will run iPadOS, instead of iOS. This will allow it to access more advanced multitasking and provide compatibility with existing tablet apps. It’s unclear if this device will also integrate calling features, but most likely it won’t. That’s because a foldable phone would “cannibalize” sales of iPhones, especially in the higher price range.

The two-year timeframe seems a bit too optimistic for a company like Apple, though. Earlier estimates, which spoke of Apple folding Apple phones only in 2025, seem more credible now. That’s because foldable screen technology hasn’t advanced as fast as we expected. It still doesn’t have very good scratch resistance, and the dents in the folding area haven’t been removed yet. So Apple could be waiting for the next generation of screens that at least partially solves these problems.

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