Apple also announces battery capacity for new Apple Watch models

According to the official narrative, the actual battery capacity is not so much important in Apple products as the actual endurance of the product delivered to consumers, with the iPhone 14 and new Apple Watch models being no exception to this “rule”.

Part of the company’s marketing strategy, Apple omits key aspects from the spec list of newly released products, keeping details that don’t necessarily attract fan appreciation for the most discreet announcement possible, days or even weeks after the official launch announcement.

Inevitably, the full technical specifications have to appear somewhere, such as on the website of China’s 3C agency, which is responsible for certifying all wireless communications devices for sale in China. We find out this way, free from the influence of Apple’s marketing team, exactly which battery is installed in each new Apple Watch model:

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Apple Watch

In absolutely predictable fashion, the thinner version of the “low-cost” Apple Watch SE comes with a 245mAh battery. Strictly speaking, buyers of the full-size Watch SE version (44mm thick vs 40mm) would get 20% more battery life in use.

Similarly, the difference in battery life between the 41mm thick vs 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 is 10% (282mAh VS 308mAh).

The best equipped, the Apple Watch Ultra model, officially priced at €999, comes with a 542 mAh battery, which Apple says provides up to 36 hours of battery life under normal use.

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