Another post-apocalyptic series on the horizon: where you see Silo, when it launches

Apple is banking on the fact that you’re not sick of post-apocalyptic series yet, so it’s promising another one soon, as you’ll learn from the following.

The series Silo, which is based on Hugh Howey’s book series, will debut on Apple TV+ on May 5, and the streaming giant has released the first teaser – which you can see in the footer of this article, by the way.

What Silo will be about

The upcoming series will tell the story of the last 10,000 people left alive on Earth who supposedly live in a bunker that lies nearly a kilometre underground, but how or why it was built and, more importantly, why no one can get out of it, remains a mystery to everyone underground.

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Juliette (played by actress Rebecca Ferguson) is an engineer trying to unravel the mystery of a loved one’s murder and ends up discovering a few other secrets in the meantime.

The teaser doesn’t give too many details, but it does fill you in on a few details about the way of life of the people who live in Silo. Obviously, the trailer ends with a question: what is Silo, really?

Alongside Ferguson, the cast also includes Harriet Walter, Chinaza Uche (“Dickinson”), David Oyelowo, Rashida Jones and Tim Robbins, among many others.

Over the years, Apple TV+ has released several post-apocalyptic series and movies, the best example of which is Foundation.

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That said, it looks like Silo is coming to round out the collection of post-apocalyptic series, with Apple TV+ hoping to take on HBO’s The Last of Us, which, admittedly, is a bit of a long shot considering how highly regarded the show currently is.

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