Animoca Brands supports The Open Network (TON) blockchain

Following its investmentgaming giant web3 Animoca Brands has become the largest validator of the blockchain TON.

On Tuesday, the YOUR has announced that it has received an undisclosed amount of investment from the Hong Kong-based web group3 Animoca Brands.

In particular, the capital will support TON Playa gaming infrastructure that enables layer 1-based gaming projects to be deployed on Telegram. In September, the mobile application was equipped with a native crypto wallet.

According to the announcement, Animoca Brands has simultaneously become the largest validator of the blockchain network The Open Network (TON).

Animoca Brands’ investment in TON is a crucial step towards the next era of blockchain-based gaming,” enthused Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at the TON Foundation.

Telegram’s layer 1 project was resurrected in late 2021 by independent developers after being abandoned by Pavel Durov’s firm following lawsuits launched by US regulator SEC.

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Animoca Brands president Yat Siu, meanwhile, said he had seen “significant growth potential” in games with TON. “We look forward to working with teams to create exciting TON-based games,” he added.

Last month, Animoca acquired Azarus, a decentralized streaming platform with a token-based rewards system.

Article updated on 11/29/2023 at Telegram’s request: a previous version stated that the TON project was “affiliated” with Telegram. It is now completely independent of the company.

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