An accessory maker adds M2 ports, card reader and storage to new iMacs with M1

Apple is a company known for its strange design decisions or for its stubbornness not to give users what they always want. Fortunately for accessory manufacturers, these decisions lead to all sorts of highly inspired accessories that can make up for the shortcomings of Apple computers, phones, or tablets. Satechi is one of the manufacturers of premium accessories, especially for devices in the Mac range, and its new USB-C Slim Dock for the iMac M1 may seem to be made by Apple itself, as it blends perfectly with the computer.

The USB-C dock from Satechi blends in perfectly with the new iMac M1

As with MacBook laptops, the new iMac does not integrate USB Type-A ports, being equipped exclusively with Type-C ports. Satechi has extensive experience in the field of Type-C docks, as it has launched multiple models compatible with Apple laptops in recent years. What makes this model special is the fact that it is built to fit the rest of the package.

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satechi usb-c dock keyboard

The dock is the same size as a Magic Keyboard, delivered in the iMac package and a cut-out with a cutout for the iMac stand. It also helps that it has a color chosen to match perfectly with that of the computer and keyboard (currently available only in silver and blue, not in all colors iMac), as well as the metal construction of similar materials. The rear USB-C port connects to one of the computer’s ports, giving you fast, desktop-based access to a Gen 2 USB-C port (10 Gbps) and a similar USB 3 Type-A Gen 2 port. to two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, along with SD and microSD card readers. And that’s not all.

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If you turn the dock upside down, it also has a cover with a slot for an M.2 SSD, compatible with NVMe and SATA drives, through which you can add extra storage on your computer. Of course, the iMac cannot be upgraded, as the SSD and RAM are integrated. Thus, you also have an elegant solution to expand the storage without having multiple cables or unsightly external drives on the desk.

satechi usb-c dock m2 1

And when you’re done working on your computer, you can place the keyboard on top of the Satechi USB-C dock for a clean design on your desktop.

The price is quite high, at $ 150, but almost all Satechi products of this kind revolve around this price. For launch, the company also offers this model at a lower price of $ 120. Satechi also delivers in Romania, but deliveries are made from outside Europe, so there are additional customs duties.

source: TechCrunch

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