Alpacas are Japan’s newest comfort animals -.

Usually, when you think of an animal that will soothe you, you don’t necessarily think of one that can also turn around and spit in your face. In downtown Tokyo, however, an indoor petting zoo known as Alpaca Land wants to change that.

Two alpacas, known as Akane and Satsuki, go on their morning walk to start their day before getting ready for a long shift of being cuddled by locals. It costs just over £5 to spend 30 minutes with these alpacas, but many people are happy with the time they get.

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“The alpaca was so fluffy that when I put my face on its back, its fleece covered half my face and it was so cute,” said one visitor.

Usually alpacas are not the most comfortable animals and often become anxious around people. Akane and Satsuki, however, are different. “These two are trained and have naturally laid-back personalities, so they are now used to people and get along well.” says manager Shinya Ide.

Thanks, Reuters.

Alpacas are Japan's newest comfort animals

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