After more than four years, Winamp gets version 5.9

Winamp, the classic MP3 player, is officially back, with a new version of the software now available for download after more than four years since the previous version. On the surface, however, the application doesn’t seem to have changed much. However, the app’s code has been changed to a more modern one, which ensures that it will be much easier to update and improve in the future.

Winamp 5.9 represents a code upgrade, in particular

Winamp has had an updated look for a few years now, but those nostalgic for the old design can still access the old interface skins, just as they did in the past. The important news is that Winamp 5.9, the new version released recently, has transitioned from development on Visual Studio 2008 to the latest version, Visual Studio 2019. Even though the app doesn’t currently have any major new features, they will be more easily added from now on, thanks to the upgraded code.

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Unfortunately, this also means that it will no longer be compatible with older operating systems. Those hoping to still install Winamp 5.9 on a computer running Windows XP or Vista won’t be able to do so. The new Winamp requires a minimum of Windows 7 SP1 to install. Those with older systems will have to stick with Winamp 5.8, the version released in 2018.

In the plans of the team that released Winamp 5.9 are the implementation of official support for new modern audio formats that didn’t exist when Winamp was still relevant. The team also wants to bring support for streaming services directly into Winamp, being able to listen to music from Spotify or other services directly in the classic app. What’s more, new viewers are in the works that react to music as it plays.

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It’s important to note that the new Winamp 5.9 is actually some sort of advanced beta, not a 100% final version. The software has been posted for download on the Winamp forums as “RC1 Build 9999”, suggesting that it is a “near” final version. Most likely, Winamp 6 will be the version that will be officially available for download when everything is finalized.

source: Winamp Forum

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