Aave V3 deployment on Polygon zkEVM passes a temp check

The proposal for the launch ofAave V3 on the main network from Polygon zkEVM has successfully passed a first take from temperature this week.

On Wednesday, members of the autonomous decentralized organization Aave voted, almost unanimously, to roll out the platform Aave V3 on the mainnet from Polygon zkEVMthe new Polygon layer2 launched in beta on Monday.

In the fall, the latest version of the DeFi protocol had been successfully deployed on the Polygon ZkEVM testnet.

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“Since ZkEVM is equivalent to EVM, the Aave V3 deployment would require minimal development work […] This minimal deployment of Aave V3, with strictly limited asset integration (“MVP V3”), may be an opportunity to establish a strategic presence of Aave early in this new network while remaining cautious in terms of risk,” reads the proposal, which according, Marc Zellerthe author and figure behind the protocol, should be considered a “temperature check” to allow service providers to conduct a more thorough analysis of the zkEVM network.

The launch ofAave V3 on Polygon ZkEVM has the potential “to expand the reach of Aave in the DeFi space,” according to the proposal. An on-chain governance vote will be held soon to endorse the proposal.

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Another proposal to deploy Aave V3 on ZkSync Era, another layer2 zero knowledge proof and EVM compatible, was posted on the Aave governance forum this week.

Total locked value (TVL) in the Aave decentralized finance protocol now exceeds 5 billion dollarsaccording to Defillama.

Last month, GHO, a stablecoin developed by Aave, took its first steps on Goerli, the test network for the Ethereum blockchain.

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