A T-Rex skeleton goes up for auction in Switzerland -.

A T-Rex skeleton will be auctioned off in Zurich, Switzerland. The remains will go on sale April 18, where they are expected to sell for about $5 million USD.

The T-Rex is called Trinity, due to the fact that it consists of three separate skeletons. It is rare to see a complete fossil of a large dinosaur, which is why it is expected to fetch such a high price. This is only the third T-Rex fossil to be offered at auction.

Even if you have a few million to spare, you may still not want to get this item at auction because Trinity is 3.9 meters tall and 11.6 meters long, meaning the dinosaur will not easily fit into a living room.

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It is expected that even with a private buyer likely for this fossil, it could still be viewed by the public.

Thank you, Reuters.

A T-Rex skeleton goes to auction in Switzerland

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