A sealed 1996 Nintendo 64 on sale for a quarter of a million dollars

Video game consoles are generally expensive devices at launch, but they get cheaper over time, and a retro console like the Nintendo 64 is now worth no more than 100-200 lei on the used market. But one eBay seller believes he has such a rare version of a 25-year-old Nintendo console that he’s asking $250,000 for it.

This Nintendo 64 hasn’t been defaced in 26 years

We’ve been seeing all sorts of auctions and products put up for sale lately that have been bought for well over their shelf value at launch. But eBay seller freelove48 reckons that a brand new Nintendo 64, sealed in its original box, from 1996, is worth at least a quarter of a million dollars, even though at launch it could be bought for $200 US.

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The description of the console notes that the original box seals are intact, and the console’s serial code can be verified to prove the authenticity and age of the console. It appears that parts of the seals have been damaged by the passage of time, gathering some dust around the edges, but they are not damaged and can be verified as to whether or not they have been peeled off.

The box will be delivered in another box perfectly made to size with a plastic protective liner to ensure safe delivery. Also, the purchaser of this console will have insurance on shipping for the full value of the transaction.

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Other than being a sealed 1996 console, there is nothing special about this Nintendo 64. It is the most common color the console was available in, Charcoal Grey, and does not include any extra games and accessories nor is it any limited edition.

Collectors with a lot of money will probably want to at least consider this console, as there are no other Nintendo 64s in similar condition, just as there are probably very few sealed and unused 2007 iPhone models left.

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