A Romanian won a world competition: who is Ana Dumbravă, the best Counter Strike player in the world

Ana Dumbravă from Rădăuți is the best CS player in the world. She was named the best Counter Strike: Global Offensive player. She proved that girls can be very good at video games too.

She is also part of the best female team in the game. The awards were presented at a gala held last weekend in Stockholm, Sweden, according to hltv.org.

Ana is 23 years old and has been a professional CS:GO player since 2015. In that time, she has managed to earn just over 30 thousand euros in prize money, according to an interview with the Goethe Institute.

Ana Dumbravă, the best CS:GO player in the world

“Hard-working, optimistic and tenacious, Ana is an example of how women can thrive in the gaming industry if they really want to,” she is profiled in the interview.

Ana Dumbrava

Ana says that in the beginning she was not good at CS:GO at all, but through seriousness and perseverance she managed to become international champion at the “Girl Gamer Festival” Dubai in 2020 and to win some of the biggest CounterStrike tournaments in the world in 2022: the ones held in Dallas and Valencia. In the meantime, Ana managed to be known not only in Romania, but all over the world.

“I was fascinated by video games since I was little. My professional gaming career started in 2014-2015 when I participated in various championships in our country. After my successes, I had the opportunity to play outside Romania, participate in international championships and pursue a professional gaming career. Finally, in 2020, I managed to win the international championship of the “Girl Gamer Festival” in Dubai. Everything culminated in winning the tournaments that took place this year in Dallas and Valencia – practically the most important Counter Strike tournaments in the world”, says the young Romanian girl.

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