A Pixel Adventure Begins in March – That’s Gaming

Are you ready to dive back in time with a heavy dose of action and excitement? Then we have good news for you! The indie developers of Prestige WWW have announced that their latest game, “Of Murder and Moonshine,” will make its debut on Steam on March 1.

In this game, you will dive into the world of illegal liquor trafficking and territory battles between three criminal organizations. With its pixel art and dark, jazzy music, ‘Of Murder and Moonshine’ gives you the feel of an old film noir as you set out to systematically eliminate your enemies. All to satisfy your boss and ensure that your crime syndicate emerges victorious.

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Key Features:

  • Weapon Selection: At the beginning of each level you choose your favorite weapon, from tommy guns to baseball bats. Each situation requires a different strategic choice.
  • Tactics or Action?: Plan your attack carefully or storm into it with weapons at the ready. Depending on the situation, you can choose a thoughtful approach or direct confrontation.
  • Hiding Intentions.: Alternate between showing your weapon and keeping it hidden. To get to your target, get past guards unseen.
  • Mistakes Costly: If you don’t work accurately, you’ll pay with your life. These challenging tasks make victory all the sweeter.
  • Battles with Bosses: Use what you’ve learned to take down the big bosses of rival gangs. From Molotov cocktails to sniper skills, everything comes in handy.
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Interestingly, the game was developed entirely with Python (Pygame-ce), without using game engines such as Unity or Gamemaker. The developers believe this may be the most ambitious commercial video game made exclusively with Python.

So, gamers, are you ready to get involved in the dark world of “Of Murder and Moonshine”? Will your gang triumph or will you end up on the wrong side of the gun?

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