A new iPhone with 5G could be launched in March

Apple is used to launching upgrades for its devices based on a well-developed program. Thus, two years after the debut of the second generation iPhone SE, it’s time to see a new generation, with updated hardware. The iPad Air would also be in line for an upgrade, as it did not receive one in the fall. According to Bloomberg, Apple is preparing a launch event on March 8, where we will see these two devices.

iPhone SE3, iPad Air 5 and iOS 15.4 could be the three announcements of the Apple event

Apple keeps the spring announcements for “upgrades”, not for completely new devices, as it does in the fall. Thus, the new iPhone SE of the third generation will not be a completely new device. Rumors in recent months suggest that the new iPhone SE (3rd generation) or iPhone SE Plus will be nothing more than an iPhone 8 with newer hardware inside. It could receive the new Apple A15 chipset, which is found in the iPhone 13 models, along with the 5G modem. Thus, this would be the first iPhone with 5G to reach the market at a price of $ 399. Currently, the cheapest iPhone with 5G is the iPhone 12 Mini, which starts at $ 599 in the 64 GB version.

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However, this means that the iPhone SE will stick to the old design, with a 4.7 ”LCD screen, Home button with Touch ID, a single camera and a small battery. There is another audience that prefers Touch ID to Face ID.

iPad Air 5 with Apple A15 processor is another upgrade we were waiting for. I thought this tablet would be available in the fall of 2021, but Apple preferred to update only the Mini version. The design is expected to be similar to the iPad Air 4 generation.

With these two devices could debut the new iOS 15.4, the software version that will introduce the possibility to unlock an iPhone with Face ID even with a face mask.

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source: Bloomberg

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