A new edition of TFT LVLUP has arrived

With the arrival of the Teamfight Tactics Set 9the competitive Spanish version of Riot Games’ strategy videogame is back. TFT LVLUP presents a new season that seeks to increase the offer of competitive formats. so that all players have their space.

The competitive structure of Teamfight Tactics will return to the arena on the days. June 24 and 25The first tournaments of this edition will be held on these dates. The new season of TFT LVLUP will conclude in the month of October with the celebration of the National Grand Final.

What are the competitive formats?

For this new edition, TFT LVLUP has designed a varied itinerary of tournaments so that the Spanish Teamfight Tactics community can enjoy a competitive experience designed for players of all levels and tastes.

  • FLASH CUPSThis type of tournament was very important in the past Set and, therefore, the same format and duration will be maintained. However, there will be a difference in the ELO cut: the FLASH CUPS will be played by players who do not reach Master, instead of those who are below Diamond 2. The best 24 participants will receive an invitation to participate in the MASTER CUP. The registrations for FLASH CUP #1 are now available.
  • MASTER CUPSwill maintain its format of three days of competition and, in line with the FLASH CUP system, the players who will compete in the MASTER CUPS will be those who exceed the ELO of Master. At the end of this competition, the players will accumulate points in a competitive ranking that will be used to qualify for the National Finals. In addition, 3 direct seats will be awarded to the TFT Rising Legends Golden Spatula Cups.. The inscriptions for MASTER CUP #1 are now available.
  • SPANISH TOURwill consist of a series of snapshots, which will be used to accumulate points in a ranking independent from the MASTER CUPS points ranking. Once all the snapshots have been completed, the 4 players with the most points will qualify directly for the TFT LVLUP National Grand Final.
  • WEEKLY CUPS. They consist of weekly open tournaments to cater to a more casual audience looking to train and improve their competitive skills. Registered players will be divided into divisions according to their ELO and will play in random lobbies throughout the two days of competition. The registrations for WEEKLY CUP #1 are now available.
  • HIGH LEVEL. This new format seeks a more exclusive and competitive environment where you can play against the best. With the aim of offering continuity to players who require maximum competitive constancy, we will enjoy 3 editions of HIGH LEVEL during the whole Set. Its duration will be 2 days and the best 16 players of the moment will participate to obtain a direct place in the Golden Spatula Cups.
  • SUPERBRAWL QUALIFIERS. The winning team of this tournament will represent TFT LVLUP in the next issue of Rising Legends: SuperBrawl. In order to give this team much more experience playing in this format, SUPERBRAWL QUALIFIERS has been designed, a new 4-player team competition that will be played over several weeks.
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TFT LVLUP National Grand Final

At the end of the competitive season of TFT LVLUPthe 16 best players will be able to participate in the National Grand Finalwhich will be chosen using the following criteria:

  • In the MASTER CUPSon TOP 2 of each of the two cups will get a direct place in the National Grand Final.
  • The top six ranked players competitive points ranking of MASTER CUPSat the end of the season, will obtain a place in the National Grand Final.
  • The top four players in the snapshot points ranking (SPANISH TOUR) at the end of the season will earn a spot in the National Finals.
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The National Grand Final will repeat online format from two days of competition. At the end of the first day, the best 8 players will qualify for day 2, repeating the format of the first day and where we will know the best national player of TFT LVLUP.

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