A new car tax in Romania, inevitable: the minister’s announcement for millions of Romanian drivers

It is starting to get more and more expensive to own an old car in Romania. Due to the European norms that our country has assumed through PNRR, a new tax will encourage Romanians to switch to new cars, if they can afford them.

A major problem related to environmental pollution is a consequence of the very large number of old cars in traffic. These negatively affect air quality and, according to the Minister of Environment, the mayors of Romania are putting pressure on the authorities to introduce an additional tax dedicated to old cars. In particular, they are older than 15 years. Both a new tax and an increasing tax are circulating. The mentions of Taczos Barna were made during the show Ora de Profit.ro.

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New taxes for old cars in Romania

In the context in which the local authorities have come up with a proposal for a gradual increase in the taxation of old cars, according to the degree of their pollution, the minister does not have many possibilities. Most likely, this initiative will materialize in the near future.

“This shows the pressure that old cars exert on the level of administrative-territorial authorities, the pressure, on the one hand, of the increasing registrations of second-hand cars brought from abroad, on the other hand the pressure that it is exercised locally on the air quality by that car which should be taken out of service. It is worth noting, it is a clear signal that local authorities are aware of the risk of air pollution and demand solutions, demand a political decision in this regard. The mayors clearly say that there is a need to discourage the registration of old cars “, says Barna, specifying that this year there will surely be an analysis and a response from the Government.

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In other words, by the end of the year, we will see either a new car tax or an increase in taxes for old cars. It is unclear whether the effects will be felt in 2022 or whether we have to wait until next year.

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