A man from Ukraine is following the Russian soldier who stole his AirPods headphones through the Find My application

The actions of the Russian army in Ukraine are well documented in the Internet age, and they can see photos and videos of them stealing valuables from people’s homes to send back to Russia. However, a man from Ukraine has found a way to track down soldiers who stole his belongings: using Apple’s Find My feature, he can see in real time where the Russian soldier who stole his headphones from the house is, a pair of AirPods Pro.

Find My technology allows you to track the activity of Russian soldiers

Vitaliy Semenets, a man from Hostomel, a city near Kiev, discovered that following the withdrawal of the Russian army, his AirPods Pro headphones are still active and can be tracked on the map in the Find My application. These were stolen by Russian soldiers at the beginning of the war, Hostomel being one of the important targets of Russia, as here is also the Antonov International Airport, one of the most important in the country, operated by the Antonov airline.

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Headset tracking works thanks to changes made by Apple for the Find My service, which allows all Apple devices to anonymously share the location of other devices around them, even if they are not connected to the Internet.

Soldiers who withdrew from the area in early April appear to have returned to Russia, near the Donbas. Semenets’ latest post placed the headphones in Belgorad, a Russian city near the Ukrainian border. In fact, the Russian army now seems to be concentrating in that area, with the main objective at this stage of the war now being to capture the entire Donbas and push Ukrainian forces out of the region.

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Other users of iOS and Android devices may also be able to track their devices that have disappeared as a result of the invasion. In recent weeks, Russian soldiers have been filmed sending hundreds of kilograms of electronic equipment and other stolen goods from Ukrainian homes to a Russian courier company CDEK in Mazir, Belarus.

source: Gizmodo

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