A Hollywood camera is even affordable for everyday consumers!

Deals on Blackmagic cameras are a rarity, but right now you can find a special model on Amazon at a reduced price: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro, known for its use in the “Better Call Saul” series. You can save 15 percent and pay only €2388 instead of 2,799.00 euros.

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It’s in the camera

The quality of the camera is evident in the opening sequence of the sixth season, first episode of “Better Call Saul.” Marshall Adams, the series’ Director of Photography, confirmed that this scene was shot entirely on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro.

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The camera is only delivered as a body; You have to purchase lenses and other accessories separately.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is a professional camera that is still affordable. At its heart is a 6144 x 3456 Super 35 sensor and it uses an EF mount. A highlight of the Pro version is the integrated, motorized ND filter, which regulates the amount of light that enters the lens. It also has a super bright 1500 nit HDR screen, ideal for shooting in bright sunlight.

There is one for every Blackmagic camera Lifetime license for Davinci Resolve Studio In addition, a video editing program that is particularly known for its color correction capabilities. With the key you will also receive all future updates of the program free of charge.

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Another feature of the studio version is access to the Neural Engine, which enables functions such as voice isolation with AI and auto-rotoscoping. When you purchase the camera, you get a complete package to get you started with professional video editing.

The camera supports Blackmagic’s own BRAW format, which gives you the freedom to adjust ISO settings even in post-production.

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Video editing hardware

For impressive video production, you also need a powerful PC, especially when working with 6K files. A powerful computer with an RTX 4080 graphics card can be useful here. You can find out more about this in our test report.

You can find further exciting offers and information about current price developments in the offer ticker. It’s worth checking back regularly, even if you’re not planning on making a direct purchase.

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