A crypto wallet in the Xbox? an option for Microsoft

From internal documents à Microsoft for the next generation of Xbox consoles show that last year the publisher was planning to integrate a crypto wallet in its ecosystem. L’option is it stillnews ?

Activision’s acquisition by Microsoft continues to preoccupy the world’s regulators, notably the FTC in the United States. As part of its case, the Redmond-based company has shared various documents with the commission, including one relating to the next generation of its ecosystem. Xbox.

The news site Axios has learned of the American giant’s various plans for the future of its game console. Microsoft describes, for example, the next version of its Model X console, codenamed Brooklin. But the publisher also mentions the addition of support for crypto wallets.

In-house wallet or extended support for third-party tools?

According to the presentation obtained by our colleagues, Microsoft lists dozens of potential functionalities, including some taking advantage of artificial intelligence. The crypto wallets are one of the possible new features.

For the console manufacturer, this would mean offering a wide range of payment functions. However, the company remains vague about the specifications of a future wallet, which could be a technology developed in-house rather than the implementation of existing market tools.

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The documents disclosed, which have not been redacted – the judge attributed responsibility to the publisher – are dated May 2022. There is therefore no guarantee that the functionalities described will remain current today.

All the more so since cryptocurrency adoption has been held back by a bear market. However, with a view to the development of Web3 games, Microsoft could indeed consider supporting crypto wallets.

Obsolete documents from May 2022

For regulatory reasons, it could also decide to retain control by integrating its own wallet technology. Remember, however, that Microsoft and Consensyscreator of the popular MetaMask, have a special relationship.

In March 2022, the Redmond-based company helped raise funds for the Ethereum unicorn headed by Joseph Lubin. More recently, we learned that, with the same partner, it was testing a non-custodial crypto wallet embedded in its Edge web browser.

Since the disclosure of the Xbox information, Microsoft has made no statement. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, suggests in a tweet that the manufacturer’s roadmap has evolved since May 2022.

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